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Welcome to Reception!

Meet our Amazing Team!

Mrs Green and Ms Field in Yellow Class

Mrs Green and Ms Field in Yellow Class 1

Miss Eldrett, Miss Stephens and Mrs Uddin in Holud Class

Miss Eldrett, Miss Stephens and Mrs Uddin in Holud Class 1

Miss Hodgkin and Miss Hardy in Jaune Class

Miss Hodgkin and Miss Hardy in Jaune Class 1

Mrs Georgiou, Mrs Bentley and Mrs Hill in Amarelo Class

Mrs Georgiou, Mrs Bentley and Mrs Hill in Amarelo Class 1

Miss Turner and Miss Otto in Geltona Class

Miss Turner and Miss Otto in Geltona Class 1

Mrs Murray, Mrs Russell and Mrs Harvey in Reception

Mrs Murray, Mrs Russell and Mrs Harvey in Reception 1

Summer 2

We are learning about.....


Letting our butterflies goes...

Beaches and Buildings

Beaches and Buildings 1

We learnt about what different buildings are made of.

Reception were very lucky to have another theatre performance.  Olivia Carruthers came to see us and she performed "The very hungry caterpillar."

Yellow class recalling the story to Mrs Green....

"The caterpillar ate all the food without asking or saying please or thank you." Sultan

"We had to bow when the queen bee came out."  Bobby

"We had to say 'Your Majesty' when the queen bee came out because we have to give respect."  Tommy-Lee

"We taught the butterfly about please and thank you."  Moyo

"We had to put our arms so we were camouflaged.  When danger came near us no one would recognise us because we are the same colour."  Tommy-Lee

"The cocoon was in the leaf.  Inside was the caterpillar.  He turned into a butterfly."  Claire

"We had to zoom and ice skate through the orchards.  All the fruit came down and was slippery.  Then we met a ladybird.  The ladybird ate all the explorers' friend's food."  Tommy-Lee

"We had to speak in an old voice coz the snail was old."  Kenneth

"At the end the butterfly said sorry."  Sultan

Playing and Exploring in Reception

We have been learning sign language!

We have been doing lots of clever learning in maths.  


*  We have been learning about sharing.  We know how to share an amount of objects out between more than 2 friends.  


*  We know how to use the number line.  We know that to work out a plus sum the answer will get bigger so we need to move up the number line.  We also know that to work out a take away sum the answer will get smaller so we need to move down the number line.


*  We have been learning about capacity.  We are able to explain what it means when a container is full, empty and half full.  We have also been working on how to record our findings.  


*  We have started to learn more about estimation.  We can make a good guess at how many objects would be able to fit into a given container and then we investigate to see if our estimate was close or not.

We have been doing lots of clever reading.


*  We are able to use our phonics to help us read other sentences up and around our classrooms.


*  We have read instructions to make a sand castle, a pirate hat, play dough and a banana milkshake.


*  We have read captions, understood them and matched them to the appropriate pictures.


*  We are able to understand a book that we have read and can answer comprehension questions about the book.


*  We have added our own characters  into the story of the 3 little pigs and made the story more interesting.  We had to decided a character, decide what they were going to do in the story and then add them to the story making sure that the story flowed.



Summer 1

Welcome back!!!  It is going to be a busy, busy term...

We will be learning about...


Animals 1

We have been doing lots of super writing.  There are a lot of things to remember when we are writing.  


We need to:

1.  Compose a sentence.

2.  Remember our sentence.

3.  Hear all the sounds in the words.

4.  Listen out for digraphs and trigraphs.

5.  Start our sentences with a capital letter.

6.  Put finger spaces between our words.

7.  Keep reading our sentence to see what word comes next.

8.  When we have finished, read our sentence to check that it makes sense.


Then...we are trying to write more than 1 sentence so that it reads like a story.  So we need to repeat steps 1 to 8 lots of times.  It is very hard work but we are trying to make our writing super fantastic.


Have a look at our clever writing! We are even using digraphs and trigraphs when we write.




Minibeasts 1

Visit to Tropical Wings Zoo.  

What else did we learn at Tropical Wings?

"Birds can fly.  They have a beak to get food." Kenneth

"Lemurs have long black and white tails.  They have small hands and small feet.  They also have orange eyes and they are very furry." Tommy-Lee

"The chipmunks were running around very fast.  They can climb onto the branches and run on the branches.  They are white and quite small." Moyo

"The meerkats dig holes so when danger is coming they can go and hide in the holes." Prince

"Meerkats dig holds in the ground to make place for their home." Samuel

"The porcupine had long spikes on his back.  They protect him from danger." Bobby

"Meerkats dig under the ground to put their babies in them.  They also have short arms and tiny hands.  They have a short, fluffy tail and short legs.  They have hair all over their body." Tommy-Lee



Meerkats 1

Learning about Meerkats...

We watched a news clip to learn facts about Meerkats.  We found out that:

1.  Meerkats can stand up very straight and tall.

2.  They pick up food with their hands.

3.  When they run their bottoms go up.

4.  They dig in the ground.

5.  They like to run around in big open spaces.

6.  They do not like to be pets.


Some children had to read non fiction texts to find some additional facts to share with the class. 

7.  The black rings around the Meerkats eyes act as sunglasses to protect their eyes from the bright sunshine.

8.  They live in large groups known as mobs or gangs.


We also looked at the type of environment Meerkats would like to live in.  We took this information and designed our own Meerkat habitat.

Our new mud kitchen

"I am making a cake.  I was using sand and water together.  I mixed them to make mud.  I putted it in the oven and it made like a square cake.  I mixed more to make it bigger.  It was so soft and some like sticky."  Humeera

We made a pizza for Asda to sell.

This is how Asda make their own pancakes.

A few things we learnt from our trip to Asda.

  • "Frozen food lasts longer than fresh food." Prince
  • "All things have a barcode on them.  You need to scan the food and then it makes a beeping noise." Ellie
  • "If you don't scan the barcode and just take it, the security bell will go off." Louie
  • "You need to scan the stuff to see if it is ok to buy it or not." Moyo
  • "You scan all the stuff so that you can see what the price is so you can buy it." Prince
  • "Food has dates on it to tell you how long it lasts." Tommy-Lee
  • "If you don't look at the road sign and need to go to the dentist and eye tester, you might go into the road and cars might bash you." Bobby
  • "We learnt about the lorries.  They deliver the food.  They deliver to the shop around the back." Prince
  • "The pancakes are made there.  The Asda people made them." Louie
  • "They have a special machine to make pancakes. They pushed the little button and the mixture came out and went down on the warm plate.  They will get strong and then they get covered with a plastic bag to go on the shelf." Ibrahim
Picture 1

Well done to.....


Getting 95% and above.  (Week ending 23/5/2014)

Picture 1

Woohoo!  Go Geltona! 97.9%

(Week ending 23/5/3014)

Spring 2

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a lovely restful holiday and are ready to learn!


We will be learning about....


Dinosaurs 1

We had a theatre group come in.  The lady's name was Flora, Flora the Explorer.  She acted out the story 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish.' She told us all about a long time ago when this man tried to ruin Earth by doing lots of building and creating a lot of pollution.  Earth was so polluted and full of rubbish he decided to leave Earth because he did not actually like it any more.  The dinosaurs started living on the earth and they helped save the earth by cleaning up all the mess and recycling all the rubbish.  That is how the dinosaurs saved Earth.

We are learning to write our own stories.

We know that a story needs to have more than 1 sentence, the sentences need to flow and it needs to be interesting for the person who is reading it.  


We selected 1 character and 1 setting and we created our own stories.  We still had to remember capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, finger spaces, full stops and our sentences had to make sense.  What do you think?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We have been learning about repeating patterns.  


We had to design a pair of underpants for the dinosaurs using repeating patterns. Some of us decided to extend our learning by making our patterns more challenging.

We had to design a pair of underpants for the dinosaurs using repeating patterns.  Some of us decided to extend our learning by making our patterns more challenging. 1
We had to design a pair of underpants for the dinosaurs using repeating patterns.  Some of us decided to extend our learning by making our patterns more challenging. 2
We had to design a pair of underpants for the dinosaurs using repeating patterns.  Some of us decided to extend our learning by making our patterns more challenging. 3

Reception started formal Guided Reading this term.  This is how the session looks:  1 group reads with the teacher, 1 group does a follow up session with the teaching assistant, 1 group does a follow up activity on their own, 1 group plays a game using their phonics and 1 group does independent book browsing.  

Look at how grown up and independent we are.

Reception getting physical for Sport's Relief Day

Picture 1
The books we will mainly be looking at are Room on the broom, The magic porridge pot and The polar bear and the snow cloud.
We will be exploring magic spells. We will be doing all our learning through the magic.  We are going to think of our own magic spells, we discuss our spell, write our own spell and read our spell to our friends.  We will also come up with powerful words to help our magic spell come to life.
We will even be able to make our own potion by following our magic spell.  We will need to learn to measure the correct amount of ingredients to create our potion.  Sometimes we might even need to double ingredients if we want the potion to work twice.

Why not practise some doubling at home...

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (song for kids about adding doubles 1-5)

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) 1+1=2 2+2=4 3+3=6 4+4=8 5+5=10 Enjoy!

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (6-10 Version)

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (6-10 version) 6+6=12 7+7=14 8+8=16 9+9=18 10+10=20 Enjoy!

Look at our doubling....

Doubling ingredients to make more potion.

We doubled ingredients for 1 biscuit, to decorate 2 biscuits.

We had all of our ingredients and then we were challenged to share the ingredients out equally so that both biscuits had the same amount of the same ingredient.

Experiments, experiments, experiments!!!  We will be investigating changes.  What happens when we mix ingredients together?  Will the potion overflow?  Will the potion fizz?  Will the potion explode?

Watch this space...

We will be putting on our creative thinking hats and change words in songs to what we want them to be.  We will also be creating our own dances.  How lucky are we?
We enjoyed developing our ball skills so much last term, we are going to continue to develop them even more.  We might even have West Ham coming in to do a PE lesson with us.
We are getting so big now and becoming so independent.  We need to learn to solve our own problems.  We will be looking at strategies to help us when we are in a difficult situation with our friends.  We will also be discussing how we and our friends show how we are feeling.


Wellgate Farm have given us some eggs to look after.  We need to look after them until the chicks hatch out of the eggs.


The mummy hen's job is to look after her eggs and keep them warm.  She also needs to use her claws to turn the eggs around regularly so that the chicks do not stick to the inside of the egg.  We weren't allowed to keep the mummy hen so Wellgate Farm gave us an incubator to keep the eggs in.  Inside the incubator it is warm so that the eggs are always warm.  There is also a turner inside that turns the eggs around very slowly so that the chicks do not get stuck inside the egg.


Day 19 - The chicks will start tapping on the inside of the egg and we might even be able to hear them start chirping.


We are the proud mummy's and daddy's of our new little baby chicks...

Exploring and getting to know our new little chicks...

We are celebrating World Book Day!

The children dressed up as Mr Men and Little Miss characters and the teachers dressed up as super heroes.

We did lots of activities around the Mr Men and Little Miss characters.  Have a look at all of our learning...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18

We had visitors from Asda come to see us.  They wanted to come and read us stories because it was World Book Day.  


All the teachers swopped classes so that they could read a story to other children.  

In the Spring Term we are learning all about 'People who help us' 

Picture 1

We will be focussing on: 


Police officers

Police officers 1
We will be learning around the story 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears'.

Visit from PC Sam

Visit from PC Sam 1
Visit from PC Sam 2
Visit from PC Sam 3

Doctors, Nurses and Dentists

Doctors, Nurses and Dentists 1

Postal Workers

Postal Workers 1
We will be learning around the story 'The Jolly Postman'.


Vets 1
We will be learning around the story Vicky the Vet.

Refuse collectors

Refuse collectors 1
We are learning around the story George saves the world by lunchtime.

Fire fighters

Fire fighters 1
We are learning around the story 'Topsy and Tim visti the fire station'.

Learning about Chinese New Year

The Year of the Horse. 

Making dragons for the Dragon Dance

Doing the Dragon Dance

Doing the Dragon Dance 1
Doing the Dragon Dance 2
Doing the Dragon Dance 3

Making Chinese Lanterns and Fans

We are learning how to write in Chinese

We are selecting tools and techniques to shape, assemble and join materials to make a boat.

Look at some of the fun things we get up to in Reception!
Look at our amazing outdoor learning environment!


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