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Black History Month


In Rainbow SEB we have been learning all about Black History to celebrate Black History Month! We learnt all about Rosa Parks and her fight for freedom at a time when black people were not allowed to do the same things that white people could do.  A lot of people supported Rosa Parks she was a very brave lady.


Did you know Rosa Parks went to prison because she did not give her seat to a white person on a bus?

Rainbow SEB also learnt about a very important man called Martin Luther King.  He wanted all people to live together in peace and for all people to have the same rights whatever colour they were. One day he made a very important speech  in front of a lot of people.

We are all the same

We are all the same 1
We are all the same 2
We are all the same 3
We are all the same 4

Autumn 2014


Welcome back to a new term! As always we have been having lots of fun while we learn in Rainbow SEB.  This term our topic is...


Who I am

Come and have a look at some of the exciting things we have been doing so far this term!

We have been using our close observational skills and using mirrors to draw our own portraits.  We also drew our best friends. We paid particular attention to details such as, freckles and eyelashes. We looked at some well-known artists portraits for example, Van Gogh and Picasso. We thought our portraits were better though!


We looked at differences between our school and schools in South Africa and Romania.  Mrs Hussain talked to us about what it was like for her going to school in Kenya.


We enjoyed the healthy eating part of our topic because we got to make delicious fruit kebabs.  Did you know to keep healthy you need to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables everyday!


In PE and science we found out why our heart beats faster when we exercise.

Did you know that your heart is about the size of your fist and works like a pump sending blood around your body?

So when we exercise our breathing becomes faster and we sweat because our heart is beating faster.  Our heart never stops beating even when we are asleep. 

Activity: We filled a balloon with water and gently squeezed the bottom just like our heart muscles do. The water squirted out the top just like the blood squirts out of hearts. This was so much fun because Kim and Shanice got really wet! 


As a group we thought about safety and keeping safe.  We drew maps using symbols of our route from home to school. In role play Shanice pretended to be a Police Officer and we pretended we were lost.  Shanice the Police Officer asked us where we lived.  This was a good opportunity to practice our home address.

We also discussed safety in a car, at home, near roads and water.

In role play we also practised making an emergency phone call.





Statement of 'British Values' 


The Department for Education recently reinforced the need ‘to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of:

• democracy

• the rule of law

• individual liberty

• mutual respect

• tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs’


Each school has been asked to publish a statement about how they ensure that pupils are developing a full and balanced understanding.  At William Bellamy Primary School we are proud to represent a number of cultures and faiths and always strive to promote these key aspects of being a well-rounded citizen.


Please find attached the School’s statement.


If you require any additional information please contact the Headteacher through the school website.