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Nurture Mentors

Nurture Mentors


Gemma Henderson - Based on KS1

Jade Brockman - Based on KS1

Emma Boyes - Based on KS2

Leon Smith - Based on KS2

'Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden!'


As Nurture Mentors, our key role is to champion the needs of children who may be facing barriers to effective learning, both inside and outside the school. We work with pupils, teachers, parents, carers, families, schools and other agencies, helping to construct a flexible and responsive support network. Our aims include: Identifying particular difficulties and seeking solutions, setting realistic targets in order to encourage pupils to re-engage in effective learning, raising achievements and raising aspirations. The areas within school that we particularly focus on include Self Esteem and Confidence building, Social Skills, Study Skills, Motivation, Attendance and Punctuality.


Ads Nurture Mentors we negotiate and plan a support programme with the pupil and go on to develop a 1:1 mentoring relationship aimed at sharing information and helping them to achieve their targets. Personal/social skills and positive attitudes to learning are further developed by group work, undertaking activities to support the development of a healthy school and community environment.  



As well as offering 1:1 support to key children, Mentors also deliver group interventions school wide that support and develop a variety of skills such as basic social skills, turn taking, speaking and listening and problem solving.


The interventions delivered are as follows;

  • Circle of friends (KS1) / Building and Maintaining friendships (KS2)
  • Meal Time Explorers / Messy Play
  • Burt's Problem Solving Puppet School 
  • Relaxation
  • Attention and Listening
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Street Wise
  • Learning for Life
  • Anger Management
  • Social Skills
  • Transition Groups
  • Raindrops Lunch Club (KS1) / Chill Zone (KS2)

Nurture Rooms


As mentors we have created safe spaces for the children that are inviting, calming and friendly. The children use the rooms as a meeting point to socialise with peers, seek support in problem solving and share experiences.

Chill Zone (KS2)

Nurture Experiences


As part of working with Nurture, the children get to enjoy some lovely experiences...