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Creative Curriculum

At William Bellamy Primary School we believe learning should be exciting, our ultimate aim is to have a highly enjoyable, creative curriculum which incorporates the needs, thoughts and ideas of every learner. We are prepared to listen, be creative and try out new ideas, to ensure that all of our pupils are motivated, engaged and enthusiastic and that they get the most out of each and every learning experience.
This term we are continuing to develop our creative curriculum by investing in the 'International Primary Curriculum' resource to support and enrich the learning opportunities, to which pupils can easily relate, to energise and reinvigorate the curriculum, and to inspire both pupils and our teaching staff.  As well as providing a platform for cross-curricular learning, these themes have also provided the impetus for exciting "Wow" experiences which may include out of school learning opportunities alongside exciting activities at the beginning and end of each topic.


The Creative Curriculum planning is truly inclusive at William Bellamy with a variable mixture of topics, projects, out of class experiences and themed weeks to motivate the pupils and give them enthusiasm for their learning. We hope that the implementation of this new curriculum will give the children a broader outlook on life and raise their own aspirations. The children are actively involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of each terms topics and will therefore have complete ownership of their curriculum.


We are looking forward to working in partnership with you and sharing these new learning experiences .

Below are the topic overviews for each year group.